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Wells Fargo
16810 Kenton Dr. Suite 130
Huntersville, NC

Wells Fargo has invested in the economic growth of the Lake Norman region for many years. The loyalty and support the company has given Lake Norman Economic Development is impactful and appreciated.

Lake Norman is an area of focus for Senior Vice President and Business Banking Manager, Kevin Pote – which aligns well with LNED.

“Lake Norman Economic Development continues to attract new businesses, and assist our local business community,” said Pote. When that is the case, from a business perspective, Wells Fargo benefits from new potential business customers that we can bank and serve.”

Pote has been with Wells Fargo for nearly two decades – working his way up through business banking. He and his team of local bankers focus on providing comprehensive financial services to business customers with annual revenues up to $30 million.

Not only is economic success beneficial for businesses like Wells Fargo, but there are many personal benefits for community members as well. Pote and his family are residents of the Town of Huntersville. “We love it here,” said Pote. “My wife and our three children very much enjoy the family atmosphere that the ‘burbs’ provide, with the close proximity to the city.”

The growth the Lake Norman region has seen has brought with it many benefits community members like Pote’s family and local businesses can benefit from.

When asked what he has enjoyed most about being involved in Lake Norman Economic Development, Pote shared that it’s the opportunity to meet the business leaders of the area.


"Ive been involved with the EDC either directly or indirectly since I moved here 15 years ago, said Pote. Its a great organization that promotes business development and growth which in turn promotes the growth and health of our region. I personally enjoy being a part of the EDC because it allows me the opportunity to meet other business leaders in the area and participate in the future of our community."