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Parts made, products enhanced, problems solved in Mammoth effort to serve clients

by Lee Sullivan

When measuring things in microns (a human hair is about 75 microns wide), the term mammoth may seem out of place. But at Mammoth Machine + Design, it’s not the size of the project but its importance that justifies the formidable name.

Forged from a friendship between a creative thinker in a local law enforcement career and a North Mecklenburg High School graduate trained as an engineer, Mammoth is an 18-month-old, technology-driven designing, troubleshooting, engineering and manufacturing company. It doesn’t fit into one category because, literally, its focus and production can change (and it has) as fast as a specialized clip fails on a race car or a circuit-breaker snaps on a factory machine.


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8600 Sam Furr Road, Suite 100
Huntersville, NC 28078