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North Carolina's Safety Leaders: The Top 10 Listed


Safety has become a vital element for success in North Carolina's construction industry and the businesses and organizations in our Top 10 Safety list have earned their place through exceptional and comprehensive safety policies - converted to on-the-job safe practices. 

We’ve used a variety of resources to determine the list, including participation in the Associated Builders and Contractors of the Carolinas (ABC)’s Safety Training Evaluation Program (STEP), which recently honored more than 100 members with awards at the association’s annual Safety and Human Resources conference in Concord.

ABC says STEP participants lowered their total recordable incident rate by 87 percent compared to the industry average, an impressive achievement.

While it is an honor to be listed here, this list is not hierarchical – and many other companies could qualify. Accordingly, you should not read a ranking order into this list, and the list is alphabetical.


Read the list here


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