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Davidson College program sees success in linking students, startups for short-term jobs


Goff, who is general manager of Jay Hurt Hub at Davidson, usually comes up with a student who can help, but the process seemed sort of arbitrary to Goff, a Davidson grad.

Now, there’s Gig-Hub, a program that matches employers with students who have skills that are in high demand for startups: web development, research, data analytics and videography, among others. The service started in January and has already placed about 100 students in more than 140 short-term jobs.

Students earn $13 an hour for their work, but one student, Owen Bezick, a 21-year-old junior working on a degree in computer science, says it’s about more than just the money. He believes his data analytics work through Gig-Hub helped him land an internship at Barings.

“I can show that I can meet the deadlines for projects,” he says. Plus, it’s practical experience that just may help Bezick get a job after graduation.

“Both recruiters and technical interviewers have loved it because it’s working with a real company,” Bezick says.


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