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The Kindreds are opening a new all-day café called Milkbread


Joe and Katy Kindred plan to open their third restaurant later this year, just a mile from their award-winning namesake restaurant Kindred in Davidson. 

Why it matters: Kindred isn’t even in Charlotte, but it’s often called Charlotte’s best restaurant by locals and food critics alike. Any expansion is big news, but especially an expansion that involves naming a restaurant after that famous milk bread.

“Sometimes you don’t know why something takes on a cult following, but the milk bread certainly has,” Katy tells me, adding that it’s taken on even deeper meaning this past year. “(It gave) people this sense of optimism and joy throughout the pandemic.”

What to expect: The new all-day café called Milkbread will have a menu that centers on milk bread donuts. Flavors will include an apple cider-based glaze, chocolate sea salt and a rotating flavor.

  • Chef Joe Kindred is still developing the menu, but it’ll also include crispy chicken sandwiches, veggie-forward bowls and salads.
  • The coffee program will include a private label house roast by Davidson neighbors Summit Coffee as well as a co-branded espresso roast from HEX Coffee only available at the café.
  • Wine and beer will be available in the evening. The wine list will highlight small, independent wineries.
  • Sourdough bread will be sourced from Verdant Bread based on Monroe Road.


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8600 Sam Furr Road, Suite 100
Huntersville, NC 28078