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Atom Power unveils new manufacturing facility in Huntersville as focus turns to EV charging


As Atom Power ramps up production at its new 23,000-square-foot headquarters and production plant in Huntersville, the company is focusing squarely on the fast-growing electric vehicle charging market in manufacturing the third generation of its digital circuit breaker.

Founder and CEO Ryan Kennedy says Atom Power developed the ultra-fast digital circuit breaker, called the Atom Switch, and its Atom Panel and various control units with an eye largely on the industrial circuit breaker market. 

The digital switch eliminates the threat of arc-flashing that's common to traditional mechanical circuit breakers, which can threaten electrical systems and the employees who work on them. They are also easily adapted to various power management jobs that mechanical circuit breakers are simply incapable of performing.

It was this second feature, Kennedy says, that led a major utility, a multifamily homebuilder and an electric vehicle manufacturer — whom Kennedy says he cannot identify for proprietary business reasons — to separately approach Atom Power last year about using the latest version of the switch as the foundation for a digital vehicle charging system.

“Charging had always been on our radar,” Kennedy says. “But we thought of it as a niche market. Then in 2020, it just exploded.”

That, he says, pushed his company to focus on the new opportunity.

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8600 Sam Furr Road, Suite 100
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