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This Davidson startup is taking sustainability to the next level with its small-batch bottling system


Local entrepreneur Jason Dibble and his team at Boomerang Water believe they've created a sustainable solution to reducing the carbon footprint resulting from plastic bottle use.

Boomerang Water, founded in 2020, is a bottling and delivery service that sanitizes, fills and caps sustainable and reusable glass and aluminum bottles with ultra-pure water. The startup offers on-site bottling for commercial businesses like hotels, universities, office buildings, hospitals and mining camps, as well as subscription delivery options for small businesses, families and individuals.

Dibble, a U.S. Air Force veteran, said his time in Iraq and Afghanistan opened his eyes to the amount of plastic that is transported, thrown into landfills and burned. He went to work creating the small-batch bottling system, which allows users to close the loop on plastic waste.

"The fact that we transport water all over the place is moronic to me," he said. "That I have four tours under my belt and saw the proliferation of plastic everywhere being burnt is how this whole concept came around."

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