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Revolutionizing the Service Industry in Charlotte Griffin Brothers Companies


About 53% of skilled trade workers are over the age of 45. Almost all of them will retire in the next 20 years. As Baby Boomers age out of fields like electrical repair, plumbing, and heating and cooling, they’ll be leaving behind a gaping void. Right now, there just aren’t enough young people pursuing the trades to replace them.

Fortunately for the Charlotte area, there are local entrepreneurs who are looking to revolutionize the service industry. Ease Plumbing, Ease Air, Viva Electric, and Roland Black Heating and Cooling have developed a Market Leader Program that breathes new life into the trades and reduces the stress of property maintenance for commercial and residential clients. “Our goal is to attract a wealth of new and experienced talent,” explains co-owner Mike Griffin. “We pay for schooling, professionally develop well-rounded tradespeople, and build market leaders to perpetuate the trades in our community.”

“Our vision is to take what Chick-Fil-A did in the food industry and translate that into the trades. By recruiting, mentoring, and building top-quality market leads, we believe this concept will allow us to grow nationwide while creating a neighborhood feel for our businesses,” said Austin Helms, owner and founder of Ease Plumbing.

“We came up with a win-win for everyone,” says Austin Helms, owner of Ease Plumbing.
“Under each of these companies, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians are able to run their own shops, and we provide additional resources, technology, and back-end support such as marketing and accounting. That way, they can focus on what they do best, like turning wrenches, making repairs, and building lasting relationships with their clients. We love encouraging passionate tradesmen and women to join our Market Leader program and run their own shop. When this happens, the entire community benefits from it.”

REALTORS®, in particular, love having a one-stop shop, especially when their clients need last-minute property revamps before listing or want help managing their investment property maintenance needs. “From HVAC, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and more, we have built teams of customer-centric tradespeople who are experts in their respective crafts,” Maegan Giler, co-owner of Viva Electric says. “Our residential and commercial service partners are fully insured, proud of their reputations, and looking to grow their local family businesses into long-lasting legacies.”

Ease Plumbing and Air is one such company. “We’re reinventing how the world sees ‘dirty jobs’ like HVAC and plumbing, but we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty!” smiles Austin. “And our work is rooted in faith—faith in our people, faith in service, and faith in God. Through apprenticeships and hard work, we allow plumbers, technicians, and young leaders to learn a trade from the best in the business, paving the path for the next generation of plumbers and technicians to become owners and partners by our side.”

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