On an annual basis around the Charlotte Region, there are over 5,500 job openings in healthcare. In the last five years, the industry has grown by 12.8% and is projected to grow another 8.4% by 2024, adding another 6,512 jobs. With that growth, there will be nearly 83,960 jobs compared to the 77,449 that exist today.

AscendLKN is here to help you find your career in Healthcare. In such a crucial industry, it is important to shed light on the types of jobs available and the levels of education needed in order to obtain this career path and fill in-demand jobs. In 2019, there were 26,059 Registered Nursing jobs, 14,674 Nursing Assistant jobs, and 3,597 Pharmacy Technician jobs – just to name a few. Overall, the median earnings for healthcare in the Charlotte Region is $29.82 hourly.

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Source: Charlotte Regional Business Alliance