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Workforce Training

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC)

This North Carolina Community College System program provides company-tailored free training support, including expense reimbursement, to support new, full-time production and service positions created in the State. Eligible companies are either (1) units of a central administrative office or (2) operations engaged in manufacturing, intensive technology, customer service or data processing, warehousing or distribution, and air courier service. Eligible trainees include (a) newly hired, full-time employees engaged in the direct production of goods and services, and (b) their first-level supervisors. 

The Customized Training Program is also available to companies that purchase new equipment and need to train existing employees in order to enhance their productivity.

In the three towns and Mecklenburg County, the Customized Training Program is administered by Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), the largest community college in North Carolina and one of the most highly recognized schools of its type in the United States. CPCC works closely with new and expanding companies to develop training curricula specific to their individual needs. The program makes instructors available at no expense and draws on a statewide network of skilled professionals with industry-based experience in a wide range of technologies and disciplines.

The Customized Training Program also recognizes that, in some cases, the most effective training is available from the company’s own trainers who use an in-house curriculum. In this instance, the program can offset the costs of instructor wages, “train the trainer” expenses, a percentage of training materials costs, and trainer travel expenses.

Expense reimbursement under the program is available according to the terms of the customized training plan that qualifying companies negotiate with the North Carolina Community College System. This process, which requires that CPCC be contracted for at least some portion of the company’s training needs, is governed by pre-established rates for the cost of instructors’ time, travel and training. The per-employee value of the New and Expanding Industry Training Program varies from project to project but can be as high as $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the complexity of company technology and type of training required.

For further information, please contact LNEDC or 

Ms. Allison Bowers
Director, Economic Recruitment, Corporate & Continuing Education
Central Piedmont Community College
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